2015-07-19 James BuntonUpdated to work with XFCE 4.12, will not work with... master
2014-11-12 James BuntonAlways use poll
2014-11-11 James BuntonConverted to Python3
2014-11-11 James Buntontabs -> spaces
2014-11-11 James BuntonRemoved ChangeWallpaper.pyw
2014-11-11 James BuntonReplace KDE/WindowMaker with XFCE4/xloadimage
2014-11-11 James BuntonHandle dead sockets and already-running servers
2012-09-01 James Buntongitignore file
2012-05-13 James BuntonSimplify
2012-05-13 James BuntonProper Gnome3 support
2012-05-12 James BuntonDon't use 'file' as a variable name
2012-05-12 James Buntonrename runProgram
2012-02-29 James BuntonAdded support for Unity
2012-02-29 James BuntonDon't allow two copies of the server at once
2012-02-28 James BuntonVarious hacks
2010-05-05 James BuntonHack to make it work with Python 2.6
2009-03-15 Greg DarkeMove the PIL imports to the module scope, and add a...
2009-03-15 Greg DarkeCheck that the input filename exists before attempting...
2009-03-13 Greg DarkeClean up the convert_image_format functions.
2009-03-13 Greg DarkeMerging the two loading function (in an attempt to...
2009-03-13 Greg DarkeRemoving old kde (kdcop) interface. This does not work...
2009-03-13 Greg DarkeMerged in the wallpaper setting code for Windows (Teste...
2008-11-28 Greg DarkeFixed the oneshot mode
2008-11-28 Greg DarkeFixed the gnome detection
2008-10-16 Greg DarkeStore the cache after any change (so if the program...
2008-10-09 Greg DarkeAutomated merge with ssh://
2008-08-28 Greg DarkeFixed a bug where the convert option was not being...
2008-07-23 Greg DarkeRemoving the keywords arguments from the pickle.dump...
2008-07-23 Greg DarkeImplemented the start of a favourite's list
2008-07-21 Greg DarkeFixed the X11 check for Darwin (it used to find itself...
2008-07-21 Greg DarkeFixed some more python2.3 issues
2008-07-21 Greg DarkeAdded support for python2.3
2008-07-16 Greg DarkeAutomated merge with ssh://
2008-07-16 Greg DarkeCleaned up the logging code (again)
2008-07-16 Greg DarkeAutomated merge with ssh://
2008-07-16 Greg DarkeAutomated merge with ssh://
2008-07-16 James Buntonrandombg: {load,store}_cache are now available for...
2008-07-16 James Buntonwallchanger: Fixed multiple monitors on OSX again.
2008-07-16 James Buntonrandombg: Fixed reload for the file lists Greg doesn...
2008-07-07 Greg DarkeReturn True from the cache loading code, this stops...
2008-07-07 Greg DarkeThe osx desktop plist hack is required each time the...
2008-07-07 Greg DarkeCleaned up the logging code (we now use the full modul...
2008-07-07 Greg DarkeRemoved more unused modules
2008-07-07 Greg DarkeChanged comparison for end of list from "!=" to "<"
2008-07-07 Greg DarkeAutomated merge with ssh://
2008-07-07 Greg DarkeRANDOMBG:When we start, set the current wallpaper to...
2008-07-07 Greg DarkeRemoved the bin/ and lib/ directories... Now everything...
2008-07-07 Greg DarkeRemoved a bunch of hard coded paths (on my old machine)
2008-07-07 Greg DarkeRemoving a lot of unused libraries
2008-07-04 James BuntonRandomBG: Make Listener non-writeable
2008-07-04 James Buntonasyncsched calls asyncore.loop(count=1)
2008-07-03 James BuntonRandomBG: Make ImageMagick/PIL conversions optional
2008-07-01 James BuntonRandomBG: Changed default socket
2008-07-01 James BuntonRandomBG: Reimplemented file list caching
2008-07-01 James Buntonasyncsched: Support for exiting the event loop.
2008-07-01 James BuntonRandomBG: Added oneshot option.
2008-07-01 James BuntonRandomBG: Make server grab socket faster.
2008-07-01 James BuntonRandomBG: Fixed FolderRandom
2008-07-01 James BuntonFixed log levels.
2008-07-01 James BuntonWallChanger improvements
2008-07-01 James BuntonRandomBG: More major cleanups.
2008-07-01 James BuntonMajor updates to randombg - stdlib is good :)
2008-07-01 James BuntonRemoved non-IPC randombg, moved stuff around.
2008-06-25 Greg DarkeMoved randombg2 to a sensiable name
2008-06-25 Greg DarkeWallChanger:Removed the MacOSX dependency on imagemagic...
2008-04-21 Greg DarkeAutomated merge with ssh://
2008-04-19 Greg DarkeFixed a bug with dual monitors under OSX where WallChan...
2008-04-15 James BuntonFixed WallChanger to fall back on getNextRandomImage...
2008-04-15 James BuntonFixed Gnome
2008-04-15 James, cleaned up KDE and implemented Gnome
2008-04-15 Greg DarkeVarious bug fixes.
2008-02-24 Greg DarkeImport initial windows version
2007-11-06 Greg DarkeInitial import
2007-11-06 Greg DarkeAdded ignores file