Fixed uninitialized-pointer bug that manifested as a crash with
[refind] / icons /
2016-04-24 srs5694Release of version 0.10.3.
2016-04-24 srs5694Split off fwupx64.efi file from main loaders into secon...
2015-12-03 srs5694Merge remote-tracking branch 'tianon/master'
2015-12-01 srs5694Replace HTML version of CC license in icons directory...
2015-11-29 srs5694Merge remote-tracking branch 'tianon/master'
2015-11-04 srs5694Added func_csr_rotate.png icon for new SIP/CSR/rootless...
2015-11-01 srs5694Documentation changes, mostly related to new icons.
2015-10-31 srs5694New icons, including documentation and license files.
2015-10-31 srs5694Replaced arrow icons
2015-10-31 srs5694Replaced func_* icons
2015-10-31 srs5694Added detection of SIP on Macs to installation script...
2015-10-26 srs5694Merge commit '66d7ba273b64a6dd5987c32b5c3bc849b9fa9f16'
2015-10-20 srs5694Cleanup for better tracking of copyrights and licenses.
2015-08-21 srs5694Improvements to handling of case-insensitive string...
2015-07-25 srs5694New icon for Kali Linux.
2015-02-04 srs5694Further tweaks to new NTFS Windows boot partition filte...
2015-02-04 srs5694New Windows 8 icon; old Windows icon remains, too.
2014-12-08 srs5694Merge commit 'a1e55b412149a2b2ced44c07ea5c285c04c243fb'
2014-12-06 srs5694Support for iPXE, including build stub directory and...
2014-11-20 srs5694New icon file for Xubuntu
2014-11-20 srs5694Tweaks for OS X 10.10 (Yosemite) and new support to...
2014-07-06 srs5694Merge commit 'd32e77051a063ae5ddd9fa370d4f25c3e9408f0e'
2014-07-06 srs5694New icons for Clover boot loader and for Mythbuntu
2014-05-09 srs5694Changed icons from .icns to .png format.
2014-05-09 srs5694Fixed a bug that cause Tianocore builds to not mount...
2014-01-01 srs5694Added Windows rescue icon for second row.
2013-10-15 srs5694New icon for Manjaro Linux.
2013-08-20 srs5694New memory tester icon.
2013-07-18 srs5694Added new icon for Funtoo Linux.
2013-05-13 srs5694New icons for Kubuntu & Lubuntu.
2013-05-11 srs5694Added copy of os_suse.icns icon file as os_opensuse...
2013-05-02 srs5694Added ChromeOS icon.
2013-04-28 srs5694New icon for "Reboot to Firmware User Interface" feature.
2013-04-15 srs5694New rEFInd icon.
2013-01-12 srs5694ALT Linux icon.
2013-01-10 srs5694Icon for Haiku OS.
2013-01-01 srs5694Icon for Fatdog Linux.
2012-12-20 Stefan AgnerMerge branch 'master' of git://
2012-12-20 srs5694New transparent icon for users who want transparent...
2012-12-03 srs5694New files to support Secure Boot & MOK verification...
2012-11-12 srs5694New icon for OS X rescue partition
2012-11-05 srs5694New icon for gummiboot
2012-04-16 srs5694New config file option: "also_scan_dirs".
2012-04-05 srs5694Icon changes.
2012-04-04 srs5694Added max_tags option; new shell filenames; new rEFIt...
2012-03-26 srs5694Icon for Arch Linux
2012-03-25 srs5694Added icons and libeg files