Fixed uninitialized-pointer bug that manifested as a crash with
[refind] / refind.inf
2015-12-09 srs5694Close to finished with debian/copyright revisions.
2015-12-03 srs5694Merge remote-tracking branch 'tianon/master'
2015-11-29 srs5694Merge remote-tracking branch 'tianon/master'
2015-11-10 srs5694Pull string functions from refind/lib.[ch] into refind...
2015-11-07 srs5694Improvements to refind-install: Improved SIP detection...
2014-05-18 srs5694Support for building with TianoCore UDK2014 in addition...
2013-06-30 srs5694Updated refind.inf
2013-05-02 srs5694ChromeOS icon.
2013-02-01 srs5694Fine-tuning of loader detection code.
2012-12-30 srs5694Shim/MOK fine-tuning & support for building drivers...
2012-12-03 srs5694Version supports Secure Boot/MOK verification of binaries.
2012-11-08 srs5694Improved TianoCore build procedure; can now build both...
2012-09-30 srs5694New support for legacy BIOS booting on PCs
2012-08-11 srs5694Fixed BIOS-booting bug on Macs.
2012-06-21 srs5694added refind.inf file; renamed filesystems/Make.common to